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Traditional Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2021 
Traditional Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2021 Archived Catalog

University Profile


Mission of the University

The faculty and board of trustees have accepted the following statement as being an accurate expression of the university basic mission:

John Brown University
provides Christ-centered education
that prepares people

to honor God and serve others
by developing their
intellectual, spiritual, 
and professional lives.


Statement of Faith

& Affiliations

Council for Christian
Colleges & Universities

Educational Philosophy

The faculty has expressed its purpose as sending forth graduates

Whose lives reflect the love of Christ

Through reverence toward God.
Through consecration to Christ and His Church.
Through knowledge of the Bible and appreciation of its principles.
Through participation in Christian activities with talents, means, and time.
Through tolerance, humility, and helpfulness to others.

Who possess intellectual integrity and an enthusiasm for continuing self-development

Through use of mental processes which lead to intelligent decisions.
Through familiarization with sources of information.
Through utilization of knowledge.
Through mastery of means of communication of ideas.

Who are able to function effectively in a multicultural world

Through a heightened awareness of diverse cultural contexts and values.
Through development of skills and attitudes necessary to interact, work, and minister with people of other cultures.
Through understanding the inclusiveness of God’s Kingdom and the equality of all people before God.
Through formation of a Christian perspective of the world.

Who are eager and able to perform a share of the world’s work

Through their willing response to God’s unique plan.
Through working in chosen vocations with skill, efficiency, and dedication.
Through a cooperative and understanding attitude toward fellow workers.

Who make worthy contributions to their communities

Through active cooperation with other people toward general community improvement.
Through promoting wholesome entertainment, adequate educational programs, and other phases of community welfare.
Through exercising their political privileges in the spirit of Christ.
Through practicing the high ideals of love and justice toward all people.

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