Oct 19, 2021  
Online Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2021 
Online Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2021 Archived Catalog

Degree Requirements

Minimum Total Semester Hours

Completion of any bachelor’s degree at John Brown University requires at least 120 hours of academic credit. Certain programs exceed the minimum.

Sufficient courses must be completed to offset any deficiency in total number of semester hours in addition to all other specific requirements, preferably in an area which will enrich and broaden the student’s acquaintance with the major areas of knowledge.


A JBU Online Undergraduate minor is a formally recognized aggregate of courses in a designated secondary subject area or discipline usually outside of (but often complementing) the student’s degree major and in which knowledge is gained in a coherent pattern of courses.

Completion of a minor requires 12 semester hours, in accordance with the department’s specifications, including at least three hours of upper-division course work. The minimum grade point average for course work in the minor is 2.0.

Double Major

Students who wish to pursue a second major within the JBU Online Undergraduate Program must complete all unique hours within the second major. Students are allowed to transfer in up to 25% of the second major from another university. Students who wish to complete a second major must do so prior to graduating. Once a student has graduated they cannot add a second major.

Non-Degree Seeking Students

In most cases, a maximum of 15 hours may be completed under non-degree status. Permission to take more than 15 hours is subject to approval by the respective department chair and the associate vice president of academic administration. Students enrolled in degree programs have priority over non-degree students in class registrations and on waitlists. Non-Degree seeking students must meet the admissions requirements required for the JBU Online Undergraduate Program in order to register.

Additional Bachelor’s Degrees

For two bachelor’s degrees, a minimum of 150 semester hours must be completed incorporating all requirements for both degrees. A maximum of 30 credits by exam may be included. All other stipulations of the residence requirements apply to the second as well as to the first degree.