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Traditional Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2020 
Traditional Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2020 Archived Catalog

Cost of Attendance

2019-2020 Traditional Undergraduate Tuition

    Per Semester Annual Total
Full-time Tuition (12-18 credit hours) $13,229 $26,458
General Fee 605 1,210
Room 2,268 4,536
Board 2,460 4,920
Total $18,562 $37,124

Other housing options available on a limited basis to upper-division students.

  Part-time Tuition, per credit hour $882  
  Part-time General Fee (9-11 credit hours) $303  
  Tuition per credit hour over 18 hours $441  
  Independent Study, per credit hour (in addition to regular tuition) $132  
  Summer 2020 Tuition, per credit hour $441  

General Fees

Application Fee

Applications for admission to the university should be accompanied by a $25 non-refundable application fee.

Reduced Tuition

Certain students receive tuition discounts when enrolling for traditional full-semester undergraduate classes, as follows:

  • Students 55 or over - one-half of regular rate with no course or cumulative hour restrictions.
  • Students 30 to 54 - one-half of regular rate, enrollment in two courses and six credit hours maximum per semester.
  • Dual Enrollment - area high school students may enroll at reduced cost. Participation in the program is limited.

Enrollment Deposit

An enrollment deposit of $300 is required of all new applicants who have tentative or final acceptance status. This deposit is fully refundable before May 1, prior to fall semester enrollment and December 15, prior to spring semester enrollment. For students applying or attaining an accepted admission status after the refund date, the enrollment deposit will not be refundable. The deposit is designed to secure the student’s enrollment at John Brown University and will be applied as a credit directly to the student’s account.

Off-Campus Housing

Students who have lived in JBU housing for at least six semesters are eligible to apply to the Student Development Office for approval to live off-campus. Married students, students living with parents, and students living with full-time faculty or staff are permitted to enter as day students. Students who are 22 years of age or older are permitted to live off campus.

Room Damage Deposit

Each student who wishes to live in university housing is required to submit $100 before a room assignment can be made. The deposit is fully refundable until May 1 for the fall semester and December 15 for spring semester.

  1. This deposit may be submitted after the student receives notification of acceptance to the university. A room assignment is made after the deposit is received.
  2. The deposit will be held as a deposit on the student account until the student graduates or no longer resides in university housing.
  3. Room damage charges may be assessed as they occur or when the student officially checks out of university housing. Charges are posted by Residence Life, on the student’s account, to be paid in 10 days. The balance of the deposit will be credited to the student’s account following the end of the last semester in which the student lives in university housing. If charges exceed the amount of deposit, official transcripts or diploma may be withheld until the account is cleared. Should a student fail to follow the official check-out procedures, the room deposit will be forfeited.

Meal Plans

All residence hall students are required to participate in the JBU meal plan. Non-resident students are offered commuter options. A detailed compilation of meal plan options and costs can be viewed on our web site, https://www.jbu.edu/dining_services/meal_plans/.

Additional Fees (as applicable) 

For the 201-2020 school year students may incur additional fees, depending on major and residential status. A detailed compilation of additional fees can be viewed on our web site.

Graduation Application Fee $35  

Each graduating student is required to pay this fee, without regard to commencement participation. The fee will appear on the student’s account at the time the application for graduation has been submitted. In addition, students who participate in commencement will be required to purchase regalia through the bookstore.

Official Transcripts $5  

The first official transcript is issued without charge. The fee is charged for all subsequently issued official transcripts.

Auto Registration $25  
Motorcycle Registration $15  

Any automobile that will be parked on campus must have a JBU parking sticker. This sticker is valid for one academic year, fall semester through summer terms.

Orientation: U.S. Residents $125  
Orientation: Internationals $225  

All incoming full-time students are required to participate in orientation activities at the beginning of their first term. The fee is charged to the student’s account.

Student Accounts

Students have two payment options. The first option is to pay in full (net of pending financial aid) by the start of the term. The second option is to self-enroll in a payment plan before the term begins. Plan payments are due on the 5th of each month to pay in full by the last month in your term. Payment plan balances will accrue interest at 5% annual percentage rate. Certain non-traditional terms are not eligible for payment plans.

Paper check, E-check, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express may be accepted. Students who fail to comply with their current payment schedule are subject to finance charges and termination of enrollment. Official transcripts of academic credits are not released while any balance is owed JBU. The university engages professional collection agencies when collecting delinquent accounts.

Adjustment of Accounts

Students in traditional programs withdrawing from the university may be entitled to a partial refund of tuition, course fees, and music lesson fees. Refunds for traditional 15-16 week on ground courses and 7-8 week online courses are according to the following schedule:

  100% refund during the first week of the term.
  80% refund during the second week of the term.
  60% refund during the third week of the term.
  40% refund during the fourth week of the term.
  20% refund during the fifth week of the term.
  No refund after the fifth week of the term.

Room and board will be pro-rated weekly over 16 weeks per semester.

Non-course fees will not be refunded after classes have begun.

In the event of medical withdrawal prescribed by a physician, special consideration will be given to tuition adjustment.

Music Fees

  Per Semester    
  Practice Room Fee $ 25  
  Recital/Presentation Fee $ 30  
  One-Time Fees    
  Women’s Chorus Wardrobe Fee $ 35  
  Cathedral Choir Women $ 65  
  Cathedral Choir Men $110  

In addition to private lesson fees, students enrolled in applied music for credit are charged tuition according to their course load. Part-time students are charged the regular tuition fee for each semester hour of credit in music lessons as well as the private lesson fees. Students whose private lessons put them at more than a full-time load (19+ hours) will be charged overload tuition and the private lesson fees for each credit hour over 18 hours.

A student whose JBU enrollment involves only applied music may register as a student-at-large. Regular lesson fees will be paid, but no tuition will be required. The student will receive no college credit.

Course Fees

Certain courses require a course fee. See the course schedule for fee information.

Pre-Health Professions Fee

A one-time fee of $40 will be charged to a student’s account upon acceptance into the Pre-Health Professions Program.

ASPIRE Program Fee

A one-time fee of $500 will be charged to a student’s account upon acceptance into the ASPIRE Program.

Honors Scholars Program Fee

A one-time fee of $75 will be charged to a student’s account upon acceptance into the Honors Scholars Program.

Study Abroad Administrative Fee 

International Administrative Fee for Study Abroad $130

Semester Abroad Fee 

International Administrative Fee for Semester Abroad $200


The university does not assume any responsibility for lost or stolen property, nor does it carry fire, theft, or damage insurance on the personal property of students. Upon arrival, students may engage one of the banks in Siloam Springs to handle financial matters and to provide safety deposit box services. Students are required to remove all personal property from dormitories over the summer months since the residence halls are often used by visitors.