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Traditional Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2020 
Traditional Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2020 Archived Catalog

Faculty & Administration

S. KYLE AGEE, Assistant Professor of Visual Arts, 2015.
M.F.A., B.S., John Brown University

DAVID R. ANDRUS, Professor of Visual Arts, 1983.
M.F.A., Syracuse University
B.S., John Brown University

AMINTA S. ARRINGTON, Assistant Professor of Intercultural Studies, 2014.
Ph.D., Biola University
M.A., Johns Hopkins University
B.A., Wheaton College

CARY L. BALZER, Professor of Biblical Studies, 1998.
Ph.D., University of Manchester
M.Div., Asbury Theological Seminary
B.A., Seattle Pacific University

TRACY A. BALZER, Assistant Professor of Christian Formation, 1998.
M.A., John Brown University
B.A., Seattle Pacific University

JANE E. BEERS, Associate Professor of Biology, 2005.
M.Ed., Northwestern State University
B.A., Taylor University

STEPHEN T. BEERS, Vice President for Student Development; Associate Professor of Higher Education, 1998.
Ed.D., Ball State University
M.S., Wright State University
B.A., Taylor University

DANIEL R. BENNETT, Associate Professor of Political Science, 2016.
Ph.D., Southern Illinois University
B.A., George Fox University

BRENTON D. BENWARE, Head Men’s Soccer Coach; Instructor of Kinesiology, 2017.
M.A., Liberty University
B.S., Oklahoma Wesleyan University

JASON A. BESCHTA, Head Men’s Basketball Coach; Instructor of Kinesiology, 2014.
M.S. Baylor University
B.S., Bryan College

JAMES R. BLANKENSHIP, Associate Professor of Biblical Studies, 2002.
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
J.D., Vanderbilt University School of Law
M.A., Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary
B.A., Indiana University

FRANK BLUME, Professor of Mathematics, 1995.
Ph.D., University of North Carolina
B.A.C.H., M.S., Technical University of Berlin

H. TODD BOWDEN, Associate Professor of Kinesiology, 1997.
M.S., B.A., University of Arkansas
A.T.C., National Athletic Trainers Association

ANDRE’ G. BROQUARD, Dean of Students; Director of Residence Life; Assistant Professor of Higher Education, 2002.
Ed.D., University of Arkansas
M.A., Regent University
B.A., Taylor University

JAMES E. BRUCE, Associate Professor of Philosophy, 2008.
Ph.D., M.A., Baylor University
M.A., B.A., New College, University of Oxford
A.B., Dartmouth College

MAXIE B. BURCH, Professor of Biblical Studies, 2011.
Ph.D., Baylor University
M.Div., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
B.A., The Citadel

JAMES P. CALDWELL, Professor of Construction Management, 1985.
Registered Land Surveyor, Arkansas
Certified Professional Constructor
M.S., Purdue University
B.S., John Brown University

KENNETH D. CARVER, Head Women’s Volleyball Coach; Instructor of Kinesiology, 2017.
B.A., Malone University

LOU Y. CHA, Assistant Professor of Christian Ministry and Formation, 2016.
Ph.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
M.Div., Bethel Seminary
B.S.N., Alverno College
B.A., Lakeland College

CHAD J. CLARK, Assistant Professor of Music, 2018.
Ph.D., The University of Iowa
M.M.E., Arizona State University
B.A., George Fox University

NICHOLAS A. CORNETT, Associate Professor of Counseling, 2012.
Ph.D., University of North Texas
M.S., B.S. John Brown University

DON W. CRANDALL, Vice President for Enrollment Management; Assistant Professor of Organizational Leadership, 1985.
M.S., B.A., Aurora University

CURTIS J. CUNNINGHAM, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education, 2015.
Ph.D., University of Arkansas
M.Ed., Drury University
B.S., Southwest Baptist University

ROBYN D. DAUGHERTY, Director of Athletics; Instructor of Interdisciplinary Studies, 1999.
M.A., B.S., John Brown University

CONNOR J. DAVIS, Assistant Professor of Music Theory, 2019.
Ph.D., Louisiana State University
M.A., Eastern Illinois University
M.Mus., Michigan State University
B.Mus., University of Arkansas

KIRK W. DEMARAIS, Instructor of Visual Arts, 2018.
B.S., John Brown University

TIMOTHY J. DINGER, Executive Director, JBU Community Counseling Clinics; Assistant Professor of Counseling, 2001.
Ed.D., B.A.,  Texas Tech University
M.A., Dallas Seminary

LIESL M. DROMI, Assistant Professor of Music, 2014.
M.M., Belmont University
B.A., John Brown University

STACEY L. DUKE, Dean, Graduate & Online Undergraduate Programs; Assistant Professor of Business, 2016.
D.S.L., Regent University
M.B.A., Bryan College
B.A., Southeastern Louisiana University

JENNIFER R. EDWARDS, Associate Professor of Worship Arts, 2009.
M.A., Denver Seminary
B.S., John Brown University

JILL F. ELLENBARGER, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, 2016.
Ph.D., Texas A&M University
B.S., Union University

J. RICHARD ELLIS, Dean, College of Education and Human Services; Professor of Higher Education, 1993.
Ph.D., University of Michigan
M.Div., Biola University
B.R.Ed., William Tyndale College

EDWARD E. ERICSON III, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty; Professor of History, 1994.
Ph.D., M.A., Indiana University
B.A., Calvin College

VON P. ESHNAUR, Instructor of Kinesiology, 2002.
M.A., Concordia University
B.S.E., University of Arkansas

EVA M. FAST, Assistant Professor of Business, 2011.
M.B.A., B.S., John Brown University

RICHARD K. FAUST, Associate Professor of Construction Management, 2009.
M.E.T., M.S., Pittsburg State University
B.S., Minnesota State University

MICHAEL FRANCIS, Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies, 2016.
Ph.D., University of Notre Dame
M.Div., Westminster Theological Seminary
M.Phil., M.A., B.A., University of Cambridge

RICHARD L. FROMAN, Professor of Psychology, 1994.
Ph.D., University of Wyoming
M.A., B.A., California State University, Sacramento

C. JOEL FUNK, Associate Professor of Biology, 2009.
Ph.D., M.S., Kansas State University
B.A., Tabor College

J. BRADLEY GAMBILL, Associate Professor of English, 2005.
Ph.D., Oklahoma State University
M.F.A., University of Iowa
M.A., New Mexico State University

JANET L. GARDNER, Assistant Professor of Nursing Education, 2017.
M.S.N., B.S.N., University of Arkansas

J. BRAD GATLIN, Associate Professor of Business, 2016.
D.B.A., Anderson University
M.B.A., B.S., Bryan College

TIMOTHY P. GILMOUR, Associate Professor of Engineering, 2012.
Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
B.S., Cedarville University

TODD M. GOEHNER, Associate Professor of Visual Arts, 2005.
M.F.A., University of Idaho
B.A., John Brown University

DARREN T. GOULD, Instructor of Broadcasting, 2009.
M.A., B.A., Wheaton College

BRIAN T. GREUEL, Professor of Biology, 1997.
Ph.D., Washington University
M.S., Ohio State University
B.S., Wheaton College

DEREK A. GWINN, Assistant Professor of Family Studies, 2012.
Ph.D., M.A., University of Minnesota, St. Paul
B.S., B.A., University of Kentucky, Lexington

KIMBERLY B. HADLEY, Vice President for Finance and Administration; Assistant Professor of Business, 2004.
D.B.A., Anderson University
M.B.A., B.S.B.A., University of Arkansas

KENNETH D. HAHN, Professor of Physics, 2014.
Ph.D., M.S., B.S., Texas A&M University
M.A.B.S., Dallas Theological Seminary

CASEY J. HALL, Instructor of Counseling, 2019.
M.S., John Brown University
B.S., University of Arkansas

MELISSA E. HALL, Associate Professor of Family and Human Services, 2011.
Ph.D., University of Arkansas
M.Ed., University of Oklahoma
B.S., Southwestern Assemblies of God University

SAMUEL J. HEINRICH, Associate Professor of Business, 2014.
D.B.A, George Fox University
M.B.A., University of Colorado
B.S., John Brown University

STEVEN E. HELMS, Director of Cybersecurity Program; Assistant Professor of Cybersecurity, 2017.
M.S., Liberty University
B.B.A., Texas A&M University

BRIAN C. HERNDON, Associate Professor of Teacher Education, 2018.
Ph.D., Ed.S., B.A., University of Missouri
M.A., University of Colorado

SHERYL L. HILL, Associate Professor of Nursing Education, 2016.
D.N.P., M.S., University of Minnesota
B.S.N., Boise State University

AMANDA E. HIMES, Associate Professor of English, 2006.
Ph.D., Texas A&M University
M.A., Baylor University
B.A., East Texas Baptist University

JONATHAN B. HIMES, Professor of English, 2003.
Ph.D., M.A., Texas A&M University
B.A., Harding University

A. KATHY HOGAN, Instructor of Adult Education, 1998.
M.Ed., B.S., University of Arkansas

S. NEAL HOLLAND, Professor of Visual Arts, 1998.
M.F.A., National University
M.A., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
B.A., Ouachita Baptist University

CHRISTOPHER E. HULL, Associate Professor of Counseling, 2017.
Ph.D., Regent University
M.A., Reformed Theological Seminary
B.A., Dordt College

IVAN D. IGLESIAS, Associate Professor of Spanish, 2009.
Ph.D., M.A., University of Arkansas
B.A., Universidad del Atlantico, Columbia

KYLE J. IRELAND, Director of Student Support Services, Assistant Professor of Academic Services, 2015.
Ed.D., Liberty University
M.A., B.A., Olivet Nazarene University

KIRK A. JACKSON, Associate Professor of Accounting, 2018.
D.B.A., Anderson University
M.B.A., University of Oklahoma
B.S., Southern Nazarene University

PRESTON L. JONES, Professor of History, 2003.
Ph.D., University of Ottawa
M.A., Sonoma State University
B.A., California State University

PATRICIA A. KIRK, Professor of English; Writer in Residence, 1998.
M.F.A., University of Arkansas
Third year Certificate in Mandarin Chinese, University of Hong Kong
M.A., Tulane University
B.A., University of California

TIMOTHY R. KISNER, Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach, Instructor of Kinesiology, 2018.
M.S., Ohio University
B.S., Central Michigan University

JAMES L. KRALL, Vice President for University Advancement; Assistant Professor of Organizational Leadership, 1996.
Ed.D., University of Tennessee
M.A., Ball State University
B.A., Taylor University

RYAN A. LADNER, Dean, Soderquist College of Business; Associate Professor of Marketing, 2015.
D.B.A., George Fox University
M.A., Liberty University
M.B.A., Mississippi College
B.S.B.A., University of Southern Mississippi

CHARLES C. LAMPTON, Professor of Counseling, 2001.
Ph.D., M.A., Texas Tech University
B.A., University of Arkansas

JASON M. LANKER, Associate Professor of Youth Ministries, 2007.
Ph.D., M.A., Biola University
B.A., The Master’s College

JOHN B. LEE, Assistant Professor of Engineering, 2018.
Ph.D., University of Arkansas
B.S.M.E., Oklahoma Christian University

JOHN D. LENSCHOW, Director, Irish Studies Program; Instructor of Biblical Studies, 2006-2008, 2017.
M.Th., M.Div., Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
B.A., Oral Roberts University

KEVIN H. MACFARLAN, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, 1993.
Ph.D., University of Arkansas
M.S., B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

BOB C. MARTIN, Professor of Visual Arts, 2008.
M.F.A., University of Arkansas
B.A., Northeastern State University

CONSTANCE D. MATCHELL, Professor of Teacher Education, 2015.
Ed.D., Harding University
M.Ed., University of Arkansas
B.S.E., John Brown University

RACHEL E. MAXSON, Instructor of Librarianship, 2015.
M.L.I.S., San Jose State University
M.Div., Yale University
B.A., Wheaton College

M. KRISTIN McCLOUD, Assistant Professor of Nursing Education, 2017.
M.S.N., University of Arkansas
B.S.N., Arkansas Tech University

DENISHA K. McCOLLUM, Associate Professor of Business, 2007.
M.Ed., North Central University
M.S.L.E., John Brown University
B.A., University of Arkansas

MELISSA L. MICHAEL, Assistant Professor of Math Education, 2014.
M.S., B.S., University of Arkansas

DEBORAH M. MILLER, Assistant Professor of Communication, 2019.
M.S.L.E., John Brown University
​M.S., B.S., Arkansas State University

ROBERT H. MOORE, Associate Professor of History, 2007.
Ph.D., Emory University
M.A., B.A., University of Arkansas

KIMBERLY S. MURIE, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education, 2015.
Ph.D., M.A., B.S., University of Arkansas

SUSAN Q. NEWTON, Associate Professor of Chemistry, 2005.
Ph.D., University of Arkansas
B.S., John Brown University

ROBERT B. NORWOOD, Associate Vice President for Academic Administration; Dean of Undergraduate Studies; Director of Assessment; Professor of Electrical Engineering, 1998.
Ph.D., M.S., B.S., Stanford University

ELLEN M. ODELL, Director of the Nursing Program; Associate Professor of Nursing Education, 2014.
D.N.P., Case Western Reserve University
M.S.N., George Mason University
B.S.N., University of Missouri-St. Louis
A.D.N., McLennan Community College

BENJAMIN OKAI, Assistant Professor of Counseling, 2019.
Ph.D., Regent University
M.S., B.Min., Harding University
B.A., University of Ghana

GARY J. OLIVER, Executive Director of The Center for Healthy Relationships; Professor of Psychology and Practical Theology, 1998.
Ph.D., M.A., University of Nebraska
Th.M., Fuller Theological Seminary
M.Div., Talbot Theological Seminary
B.A., Biola University

CHARLES C. PASTOOR, Professor of English, 2001.
Ph.D., M.A., Baylor University
B.A., Calvin College

KATHLEEN M. PAULSEN, Head Women’s Soccer Coach; Instructor of Kinesiology, 2013.
M.S., B.A., University of Arkansas

BONNIE R. PHILLIPS, Assistant Professor of Counseling, 2015.
Ph.D., University of Louisiana
M.S., B.A., Harding University

TRACI T. PIERCE, Assistant Professor of Marketing, 2018.
D.B.A., George Fox University
M.B.A., B.A., Campbell University

PETER F. POHLE, Professor of Visual Arts, 2001-2005, 2006.
M.F.A., Syracuse University
B.A. Equivalent, Berlin

CHARLES W. POLLARD, President; Associate Professor of English, 2004.
Ph.D., University of Virginia
M.A., Oxford University
J.D., Harvard Law School
B.A., Wheaton College

TRISHA D. POSEY, Director of the Honors Scholars Program; Professor of History, 2007.
Ph.D., University of Maryland
M.Phil., University of Kent at Canterbury
B.A., Grand Canyon University

GEOFFREY T. REDDICK, Assistant Professor of Family & Human Services, 2018.
Ph.D Saint Louis University
M.S., John Brown University
B.A., University of Arkansas

GERALD L. REIMER, Associate Professor of Accounting, 2017.
M.B.A., Washburn University
B.S., John Brown University

DEANA L. REINHARDT, Assistant Professor of Nursing Education, 2018.
M.S.N., B.S.N., Regis University
A.S.N., Northwest Arkansas Community College

GREGORY S. ROBINSON, Associate Professor of Outdoor Leadership Ministries, 2014.
Ph.D., The Union Institute & University
M.S., B.A., John Brown University

JUAN CARLOS RODRIGUEZ, Instructor of Mechanical Engineering, 2016.
M.S.L.E., B.S.E., John Brown University
M.S.M.E., University of Tulsa

CHARLES A. ROMIG, Professor of Counseling, 2008.
Ph.D., Purdue University
M.A., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
B.S., University of Illinois

REBECCA J. ROTHFUSS, Director of the Leader Scholars Institute; Associate Professor of Business, 1994.
Ph.D., Dallas Baptist University
M.S., Oklahoma State University
B.A., Bartlesville Wesleyan

D. MICHELLE SATTERLEE, Assistant Professor of Psychology, 2017.
D. Psych., M.A., George Fox University
M.A., B.A., MidAmerica Nazarene University

ERIN L. SHAW, Assistant Professor of Visual Arts, 2018.
M.F.A., University of Oklahoma
B.F.A., Baylor University

KEVIN E. SIMPSON, Professor of Psychology, 2012.
Ph.D., University of Denver
M.S., University of North Texas
B.S., John Brown University

MARQUITA S. SMITH, Associate Professor of Journalism, 2010.
Ed.D., University of Arkansas
M.A., University of Maryland
B.S., University of Tennessee

STEVEN P. SNEDIKER, Associate Professor of Visual Arts, Cinema, 2009.
M.F.A., National University
B.S., John Brown University

JEFFREY D. SODERQUIST, Head Women’s Basketball Coach; Instructor of Kinesiology, 1998.
B.S., John Brown University

TED JUNSEOK SONG, Associate Professor of Engineering, 2012.
Ph.D., M.S., The University of Texas at Austin
M.T.S., Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary
B.S., Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea

WILLIAM A. STEVENSON, III, Director of International Programs; Assistant Professor of Intercultural Studies, 1988.
M.A., B.S., John Brown University

JACOB H. STRATMAN, Professor of English, 2007.
Ph.D., Marquette University
M.A., Missouri State University
B.A., William Jewell College

BRENT C. SWEARINGEN, Director of the Library; Instructional Services Librarian; Associate Professor of Librarianship, 2006.
M.S., University of Illinois
M.Ed., DePaul University
B.A., University of Arkansas

CARLA B. SWEARINGEN, Dean of Faculty Development; Professor of Chemistry, 2005.
Ph.D., Loyola University
B.A., Hendrix College

MARK A. TERRILL, Associate Professor of Construction Management, 2010.
M.S., University of Texas
M.A., M. Min., Tennessee Temple University
B.S., New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology

T. KAI TOGAMI, Professor of International Business, 2015.
M.S., Illinois State University
B.S., Wheaton College

GREGORY A. VARNER, Associate Professor of Mathematics, 2012.
Ph.D., University of Missouri
M.S., University of Arkansas
B.A., Hendrix College

DAVID H. VILA, Professor of Religion and Philosophy, 1999.
Ph.D., St. Louis University
M.Div., M.A., Covenant Theological Seminary
B.A., Covenant College

SHANON L. VUGLAR, Assistant Professor of Engineering, 2018.
Ph.D., M.S., B.E., B.T., University of New South Wales

TIMOTHY S. WAKEFIELD, Professor of Biology, 2000.
Ph.D., Auburn University
M.A., University of Missouri
B.S., Union University

RANDALL E. WALDRON, Professor of Economics and International Business, 2012.
Ph.D., Vanderbilt University
B.A., Northwestern University

JOE F. WALENCIAK, Dean, Business Development and Partnerships; Distinguished Professor of Business, 1982.
Ph.D., M.B.A., University of Arkansas
B.S., John Brown University

JOSIAH S. WALLACE, Associate Professor of Speech and Theatre, 2018.
M.F.A., Baylor University
B.A., Seattle Pacific University

ANGIE QIAN WANG, Assistant Professor of Biology, 2017.
Ph.D., Texas A&M University
M.S., B.E., Lanzhou University of Technology, China

REBECCA J. WEIMER, Dean of Academic Services and Registrar; Assistant Professor of Higher Education, 2000.
Ed.D., M.S., University of Arkansas
B.S., Ball State University

PAUL H. WHITLEY, Associate Professor of Music, 2011.
Mus., Northwestern University
M.M., New England Conservatory
B.M., Wheaton College

JESSICA H. WILSON, Associate Professor of Creative Writing, 2013.
Ph.D., Baylor University
M.E., University of Dallas
B.A., Pepperdine University

JUDY K. WINSLETT, Assistant Professor of School Counseling, 2016.
Ed.D., Ed.S., Harding University
M.S., John Brown University
B.A., Northeastern State University

Effective July 1, 2019