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Traditional Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2020 
Traditional Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2020 Archived Catalog

Department of Language Studies

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Iglesias (department head)


The study of classical and modern languages has historically been at the core of education in eastern and western civilizations. The recent development of sophisticated neuro-imaging technology confirms the cognitive benefits of serious language study. By its course content and its advocacy, the Department of Language Studies provides campus leadership in the areas of academic rigor and cross-cultural awareness.

The Department of Language Studies offers the Bachelor of Arts degree with major in Spanish, and minors in Spanish and Linguistics. Courses in Latin are also offered. Language courses meet the needs of students in Bachelor of Arts programs. The Language Studies Department designs and schedules its courses in cooperation with the Biblical Studies, English, History, Intercultural Studies, International Business, Music, and Political Science departments.

A hallmark of the program is the use of instructional technology in the classroom and for out-of-class practice. The department has worked with university’s instructional technology services to make other resources, such as foreign language dictionaries, available on the campus computer network.

The Spanish major entails a semester of study abroad. Students choose either the Trinity Christian College Semester in Spain  in Seville or the Latin American Studies  Program in San José, Costa Rica. In order to participate in these programs, it is strongly encouraged that students complete LS 3153 Conversation in Spanish and LS 3163 Professional Spanish. LS 2173 Introduction to Linguistics is strongly recommended. Performing well in these courses is linked to success in study abroad where all instruction is in Spanish.

Financial aid funds for study abroad may be limited based on the number of JBU students studying abroad during a given semester. Students interested in majoring in Spanish should consult with the department head as early as possible about their future participation in one of the off-campus options.

The relatively low number of hours required for the major, 36-37, facilitates double-majoring. Most students do so; those who do not typically complete two minors. Students who are interested in a teaching career should consider a minor in TESOL.

Students in other majors may earn credit in Spanish and specialized areas such as business and environmental studies by spending a semester in Costa Rica in the Latin American Studies  Program sponsored by the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. Some JBU students have participated in the Living and Learning in Quito  Program in Ecuador. As of 2017, Spanish minors may study in Seville , Spain.

College credit in language may be established by CLEP or other examinations approved by the department.

Based upon recommendation of the Department of Language Studies, a student may enter language study above the elementary level without having established college credit for the elementary course(s). In such cases, the early courses are waived upon completion of subsequent work. The waiver does not establish credit; hours are posted only for the specific courses completed. However, a language requirement is considered met upon completion of the second semester of an Intermediate level language course.

Spanish majors, especially those considering graduate school, are urged to take at least six hours of French or Latin.

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