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Traditional Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2021 
Traditional Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2021 Archived Catalog

4-Year Plans

Applied Music (specialization in Organ, Piano or Voice), B.A.

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Refer to the link for additional Admission Requirements for the Music Major/Minor  and for General Requirements for Music degrees .

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will perform literature specific to emphasis and field of study, demonstrating stylistic insight, technical proficiency, musical artistry, and a scholarly thought process.
  2. Students will demonstrate a thorough understanding of the pre-performance aspects of music through written and aural mediums, based on fundamental theoretical principles.
  3. Students will describe and explain the historical development of music, identifying historical styles and performance practices, musical forms, repertoire of different media, and the lives and contributions of outstanding musicians.
  4. Students will demonstrate a working knowledge and application of technology and software used in various musical platforms and professions.
  5. Students will develop an understanding of key principles, terms, and theories in the sub-fields of music and education; and/or demonstrate mastery of these principles on national standardized tests.
  6. Students will develop a personal philosophy of the arts, thinking through the integration of art and faith, the role of the arts in modern society, and the pedagogical responsibilities that come with being an educated artist.
  7. Students will use the professional skills learned to serve the community of JBU and beyond.

Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree with major in Applied Music (specialization in Organ, Piano or Voice)

University Core Curriculum - 42 hours

Program requirements satisfy 6 of the 48 hours in the Core Curriculum.


Concentration - 31 or 34 hours

Select one of the following:


Choral Ensemble:

A minimum of two semesters (see Ensemble participation requirements)

Ensemble participation:

6 hours (see Ensemble participation requirements)

Ensemble participation:

6 hours (see Ensemble participation requirements)

Foreign Language - 12 hours

12 hours of foreign language as advised by the applied academic advisor.

Electives as necessary to complete minimum total hours

Minimum total semester hours - 120

* See Music Fee Schedule

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