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Online Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2021 
Online Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2021 Archived Catalog

Core Curriculum Courses

John Brown University’s Core Curriculum provides a common set of broadly oriented foundational courses that instill a deeper, integrative understanding of scripture, creation, and culture in order to prepare students to honor God and serve others.

Students must take all of the Required Courses and must satisfy each of the Elective Areas.

A course may satisfy only one Core Curriculum requirement, except that study abroad courses satisfying the Intercultural Engagement requirement may also satisfy one other Core Curriculum requirement.

Courses with prerequisites are marked with a superscript ‘P’.

Note: Courses that are not linked to this catalog can be viewed in the Traditional Undergraduate Catalog.

Required Courses - 26 hours

One of the following options to satisfy the Integrated Humanities I and II requirements

Option 1 - Preferred

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

  • Western Civilization I

  • Western Civilization II

  • A Survey of Literature course (e.g., EGL 2213, EGL 2223, EGL 2413, EGL 2423, EGL 3003, EGL 3343, EGL 3353)

Option 5

Option 6

  • Western Civilization I

  • US History I or US History II

  • A Survey of Literature course (e.g., EGL 2213, EGL 2223, EGL 2413, EGL 2423, EGL 3003, EGL 3343, EGL 3353)

Elective Areas -23 hours

Note: Courses recommended for most students are shown in bold. Courses that are not bolded will satisfy the elective area but may be more appropriate for students in a particular major.

Intercultural Engagement - 3 hours

  • ART 2163 Irish Art and Culture
  • ART 3543 Photography Abroad P
  • COM 2433 Diversity and Media Issues
  • ED 2033 Cultural Competencies for Human Service Professionals
  • EN 3513 International Problem Solving
  • FAM 4113 Intercultural Family Seminar
  • HST 3263 Slavery and Race in American History
  • HST 3443 The Modern Middle East
  • HST 3473 African Civilization since 1850
  • ICS 2113 Intercultural Communication  
  • ICS 2193 Honors: Intercultural Communication P
  • INT 4103 Global Environment of Business
  • LS 4113 Readings in Spanish I P
  • POL 3253 Politics and Race in America
  • RPH 3533 Introduction to Islam
  • RPH 3543 Introduction to Hinduism and Buddhism

Mathematics - 3 hours

Natural Science - 6 hours

One course must have a lab component

  • BIO 1003 Biological Science  (includes lab)
  • BIO 1093 Honors: Biological Science P (includes lab)
  • BIO 1124 Cell Biology (includes lab)
  • BIO 1144 Plant and Animal Diversity (includes lab)
  • BIO 2184 Ecology and Evolution P (includes lab)
  • CHM 1014 Fundamentals of Chemistry P (includes lab)
  • CHM 1124 General Chemistry I (includes lab)
  • GSC 1023 Physical Science P
  • GSC 1033 Astronomy P
  • GSC 1043 Elementary Science Content I P (includes lab)
  • GSC 1053 Elementary Science Content II P
  • GSC 1143 Earth Science  P
  • GSC 2003 Environmental Science
  • PHY 1114 Fundamentals of Physics I P (includes lab)
  • PHY 2114 General Physics I P (includes lab)
  • PHY 2124 General Physics II P (includes lab)

One of the following

Anatomy and/or Physiology courses may only be used to satisfy up to three hours of the Natural Science elective area

  • BIO 2514 Anatomy & Physiology I P (includes lab)
  • BIO 2524 Anatomy & Physiology II P (includes lab)
  • BIO 3514 Human Anatomy P (includes lab)
  • BIO 3524 Human Physiology P (includes lab)

Whole Person Wellness - 2 hours

Arts, Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences - 9 hours

3 hours from any of the areas in the Arts and Humanities

3 hours from any of the areas in the Social and Behavioral Sciences

3 additional hours from any of the areas in either the Arts and Humanities or the Social and Behavioral Sciences

Arts and Humanities - 3 to 6 hours

The Arts

  • ART 2163, ART 2233 P, ART 2333ART 2343, ART 3203, ART 3233, ART 3563P
  • BBL 4453 
  • COM 2083
  • MUS 1113P, MUS 1203P, MUS 2083 , MUS 2113P, MUS 3213P, MUS 3223P, MUS 3243P
  • THE 3213P

  • HST 2113, HST 2123, HST 2133, HST 2153, HST 2243HST 2323HST 2523HST 3253HST 3263HST 3273HST 3313, HST 3411, HST 3412, HST 3413, HST 3423 HST 3433HST 3443HST 3463HST 3473 

  • EGL 2213P, EGL 2223P, EGL 2243P, EGL 2273P, EGL 2413P, EGL 2423P, EGL 3003 PEGL 3313P, EGL 3323P, EGL 3333P, EGL 3343P, EGL 3353P, EGL 3713P, EGL 4473P, EGL 4483P 
  • LS 4123P
Religion and Philosophy

  • BBL 3413P, BBL 3423P, BBL 3433P, BBL 3443P, BBL 3453P, BBL 3463PBBL 3473P, BBL 3583, BBL 3613P, BBL 3623P, BBL 3633P, BBL 3663P, BBL 4433P 
  • RPH 2103RPH 2323RPH 2423, RPH 3013P, RPH 3323, RPH 3343, RPH 3353, RPH 3533, RPH 3543, RPH 4433P, RPH 4481, RPH 4482, RPH 4483 
  • POL 3003  P 
  • PPE 2113, PPE 2133 (only one PPE course may count toward the Arts and Humanities elective area)

Social and Behavioral Sciences - 3 to 6 hours


  • ECN 2003ECN 2113 , ECN 2123 P, ECN 2543, ECN 3133P, ECN 3213PECN 4103 P, ECN 4413P, ECN 4423P, ECN 4993 
  • EN 2323 
  • PPE 2113, PPE 2133 (only one PPE course may count toward the Social and Behavioral Sciences elective area)

  • LS 2173
Political Science

  • POL 1013 POL 2213, POL 3163P, POL 3173PPOL 3213, POL 3253, POL 3353P, POL 3423P, POL 4213, POL 4223
  • PPE 2113, PPE 2133 (only one PPE course may count toward the Social and Behavioral Sciences elective area)


  • ICS 2123 
  • SST 1113 , SST 1133, SST 1143 

Additional Option for Meeting Core Curriculum

A student who enters JBU with either a bachelor’s degree or one of the following associate’s degrees-Associate of Arts or Associate of Science-from an accredited institution will satisfy the Core Curriculum requirements except for the following courses:

A student who completes either an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science through reverse transfer will also satisfy the Core Curriculum requirements except for the courses listed above. Associate’s degrees earned from JBU will not fall under this policy and students must explicitly satisfy each Core Curriculum requirement in order to earn a bachelor’s degree.