Nov 26, 2022  
Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2023 
Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2023

General Studies, B.S.

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Student Learning Outcomes

  • Moral and Ethical Judgment - Make moral and ethical judgments based upon a Christian worldview.
  • Communication Media - Utilize various communications media to develop civic engagement.
  • Analyzing Issues - Demonstrate the ability to draw upon historical knowledge in order to analyze relevant historical and contemporary issues.
  • Engaged Citizenship - Demonstrate engaged citizenship by developing a broad understanding of social and political issues.
  • Understanding Human Behavior - Demonstrate an understanding of human behavior and how it impacts a person’s worldview.
  • Utilizing Personal Strengths - Demonstrate an understanding of one’s own strengths and how to utilize them.

Requirements for the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree with major in General Studies

University Core Curriculum - 36 or 37 hours

Program requirements satisfy 12 of the 48 hours in the Core Curriculum for on-campus students.

Program requirements satisfy 12 of the 49 hours in the Core Curriculum for online students.

  • The Intercultural Engagement elective area is satisfied by ICS 2113 .
  • The nine hours of the Arts and Humanities and the Social and Behavioral Sciences elective areas are satisfied by the completion of the following major requirements: HST 2153 , POL 1013 , PSY 1013 . Other courses in the program would also satisfy these requirements.

Core Curriculum Courses  

Courses Specified by the Program - 39 hours

One of the following:

Electives - 6 hours

6 hours of upper-division course work from BUS, COM, ECN, EGL, FIN, HST, LDR, MGT, MKT, POL or PSY

Minor field or electives as necessary to complete minimum total hours

Minimum total semester hours - 120

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