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Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022 
Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022 Archived Catalog

Study Abroad

International Education: Off-Campus Studies

Students interested in the following programs may inquire at the International Programs office in the Walker Student Center as well as check the International Programs web site for further information regarding summer and fall opportunities.

JBU Semester Irish Studies

John Brown University directs this experientially exciting, academically challenging, and culturally engaging program in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Lakeside Manor is residence for all students and creates a close and natural connection to the city of Belfast. Local Irish instructors not only provide lectures, but they also travel with students and connect classroom content with deep first-hand experiential learning. Fall term’s focus is intercultural engagement and understanding through Core Curriculum coursework. Spring term’s focus is Peace and Conflict Reconciliation. The term begins with an introductory 3-week course called Peacemaking, Reconciliation, and Conflict Transformation in Northern Ireland, which is taken by all students. The remainder of the term uses this concentration to further develop academic impact and understanding within courses in history, theology, literature, art, business, and communication. Students’ JBU financial aid applies fully to the cost and fees for this program.

Semester Irish Studies exposes students to the rich history and culture of the United Kingdom and Ireland and welcomes students from all majors (with optional honors credits) at all stages of their academic career at JBU. 

JBU Summer Irish Studies

Since 1998, JBU has operated this six-week summer program in Belfast, Northern Ireland, whereby students can earn nine hours of Core Curriculum credit. Northern Ireland–its people, literature, history, faith, politics, heritages and culture–is the focus of the program. Students live at Lakeside Manor and enjoy learning intercultural adjustment and intercultural communication skills with the curriculum making use of numerous site visits with a wide variety of local ‘cultural informants’ as guides. This program welcomes students from all majors (with optional honors credits) at all stages of their academic career at JBU. 

Approved Semester Off-Campus Educational Programs

CCCU GlobalEd Programs

The Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU) is a higher education association of 180 Christian institutions around the world. The 120 member campuses in North America are all fully accredited, comprehensive colleges and universities with curricula rooted in the arts and sciences. In addition, 63 affiliate campuses from 20 countries are part of the CCCU. GlobalEd (formerly known as BestSemester) offers semester and summer programs for students of the Council’s member institutions to make the world their classroom.

American Studies Program (ASP)

Since 1976, the American Studies Program in Washington, DC has served as an experiential learning laboratory for students committed to connecting their faith to public affairs. In addition to an internship and a professional development practicum, students apply to either the Public Policy track or the Strategic Communication track to provide the academic concentration that will best enhance their future careers. ASP students earn 16 semester hours of credit.

Middle East Studies Program (MESP)

Based in Amman, Jordan, MESP offers students the unique opportunity to become immersed in the complex, modern Middle East. Under the guidance of well-seasoned faculty and staff, students live together and explore the diverse religious, social, cultural, and political traditions of Middle Eastern peoples through interdisciplinary seminars. Students earn four to six credits of Arabic language and serve at local organizations with the opportunity to earn intercultural internship/practicum credit throughout the semester. At a time of change in the Middle East, MESP empowers and equips students to relate to Muslim, Eastern Christian, and Jewish peoples in a guided and Christ-centered approach. MESP students earn 15-18 semester hours of credit.

Scholars’ Semester in Oxford (SSO)

The Scholars’ Semester in Oxford is specifically designed for Honors Program students seeking a rigorous and robust academic experience. As official Registered Visiting Students of Oxford University, students experience Oxford’s acclaimed tutorial system to receive weekly, one-on-one instruction from within the disciplinary list including history, literature, languages, philosophy, musicology, art, science, and more. Students earn access to Oxford’s 119 libraries featuring 11 million books and outstanding electronic resources. Applicants must be members of the JBU Honors Program and have at minimum a 3.7 GPA to be considered for the program. SSO students earn 17 semester hours of credit.

Other Approved Semester Studies Programs

Contemporary Music Center (CMC)

The Contemporary Music Center in Nashville, Tennessee provides students with the opportunity to live and work in Christian community while being equipped to integrate music, faith, and business. Through accreditation with Greenville College, the CMC offers three tracks: Artist, Business, and Technical. Students from any major receive instruction, experience, and a uniquely Christ-centered perspective on the music industry while working together to plan and execute a week-long tour at the end of the semester. CMC students earn up to 16 hours of credit.

Creation Care Study Program (CCSP)

The mission of CCSP is to educate students to be a part of, and agents for, God’s shalom, particularly through understanding and caring for creation. The CCSP is located in Belize and New Zealand and offers upper-division biology credits, internship, and elective hours.

Handong Global University (HGU)

Handong Global University, located in Pohang, South Korea, is a leading Christian university committed to following Jesus Christ and training global leaders to change the world. Founded in 1995, HGU enrolls over 4,000 undergraduate students from 35 countries. The Korean Ministry of Education has ranked HGU first among all colleges and universities in Korea for student services and is in the top tier for its academic programs. Students may choose from a variety of courses that are general studies or major specific.

LCC International University (LCC)

LCC International University (formerly Lithuania Christian College) is located in the city of Klaipéda, Lithuania. Established in 1991 by a joint venture of Lithuanian, Canadian, and American foundations, LCC has distinguished itself in the region by offering a unique style of education and an interactive academic environment within the context of a Christian academic institution. Students can choose for a broad range of major specific coursework as well as general studies coursework.

Living and Learning in Quito

Living and Learning International is located in Quito, Ecuador, functions under the supervision of Youth World International, and is accredited through College of the Ozarks. The program combines classroom learning and practical internships in a unique and challenging cross-cultural setting. Students are enrolled in a Spanish language class that fits their proficiency and will spend one month mid-term with a Spanish-only speaking host family. Christian faith forms the base for not only course work, but also residential housing and extra-curricular excursions.

Northern Ireland Semester (NIS)

The Northern Ireland Semester is a spring-only program based in Belfast, Northern Ireland that exposes students to the rich history and culture of the United Kingdom. Northern Ireland is rich in natural beauty, history, culture, and Christian heritage. But the beauty of the landscape and richness of its culture belies a tragic history of religious and political conflict. As such, it affords an opportunity for students to experience in deep ways both the beauty of God’s creation and human cultural achievements as well as the brokenness of the world. The program begins with a three-week intensive course called Peacemaking, Reconciliation, and Conflict Transformation in Northern Ireland, which is taken by all students. Student then choose additional courses in history, theology, literature, art, and communication. Providing a variety of general studies credits, NIS is open to students in any major from their sophomore year and beyond. NIS students earn 15-16 hours of credit.

Semester in Spain (Seville)

Semester in Spain is a Spanish language immersion study abroad program of Trinity Christian College. With native professors from Spain, students excel academically while living with a host family in the bustling and historic city of Seville. The program is available only to JBU students who are Spanish majors.

Uganda Studies Program (USP)

The Uganda Studies Program immerses students in local communities, Ugandan campus life, and a broad range of cultures and places within Uganda and Rwanda. Students choose to live either with a host family for the semester or on campus at Uganda Christian University (UCU), an international affiliate member of the CCCU located 15 miles east of the capital city of Kampala. Students forge meaningful relationships with their Ugandan peers, faculty members, and host families while exploring issues such as poverty, cultural expressions of Christianity and missions, and the reconciliation between the realities of East Africa and their Christian faith.

Students enroll in one of three tracks: Social Work Emphases (SWE), Global Health Emphasis (GHE), or General Studies Emphasis (GSE). Students in the Social Work Emphasis participate in an MSW-guided Junior-level or Senior-level Social Work Practicum (up to 400 practicum hours) and Seminar. A wide variety of practicum sites are offered, including Compassion International Child Development Centers and locally founded service organizations, all with seasoned, Ugandan social work supervisors and within the framework of CSWE accreditation standards. Global Health Emphasis students take advanced global health courses and participate in the Cross Cultural Practicum at a health-related organization to engage broader issues of international aid, development, and public health. General Studies Emphasis students select from a variety of UCU electives including languages, health, religions, literature, and politics, and may also choose to receive practicum credit through service at Cross-Cultural Practicum sites in a variety of fields.

USP students earn 13-21 hours of credit.

Off-Campus Policies

  1. For JBU credit to be awarded, the program or experience must be approved in advance by the International Programs Committee.
  2. Credit earned in non-JBU led off-campus programs is posted as “CR” on the student’s JBU transcript.
  3. Students in such programs are designated as enrolled at JBU.

Financial Aid Policy for Off-Campus Programs

This information applies only to aid directly from John Brown University. It does not affect any federal or state aid that a student may have. It also does not apply to the JBU Semester in Ireland Program.

Off-campus study is a valuable part of a student’s education. Therefore, JBU allows a certain number of students per year to apply a portion of their institutional financial aid to semester abroad programs. In allocating financial aid funds to semester abroad programs and selecting students to receive such a benefit, the university’s policy is driven by two guiding principles:

  • Study abroad programs that immerse students in a foreign culture are some of the most valuable, life-changing educational experiences that a student can have.
  • Cross-cultural study that occurs in a Christian context and is motivated from a Christian worldview is the most meaningful kind of semester abroad experience.

Therefore, John Brown University seeks to give priority in financial aid support and student selection to cross-cultural programs that share its Christian mission and educational perspective.

Study Abroad Financial Aid

  • Up to 75% of JBU institutional aid, depending on available funds: CCCU international - Middle East Studies Program, Scholars’ Semester in Oxford (Honors students only), and Semester in Spain - Seville (Spanish majors only).
  • Up to 50% of JBU institutional aid, depending on available funds: CCCU domestic - American Studies Program - Washington DC.
  • Up to 25% of JBU institutional aid, depending on available funds: Contemporary Music Center - Nashville, Creation Care Study Program - Belize, The King’s College - New York, LCC International University (formerly Lithuania Christian College) - Lithuania, and Living & Learning in Quito - Ecuador, and Uganda Studies Program. 

Awarding Study Abroad Financial Aid

  1. By February 15 of the spring semester, any student planning to apply JBU financial aid to a study abroad program for the fall semester must notify the International Education Office in writing. The International Programs Committee will allocate financial aid funds to eligible students studying abroad in the fall semester.
  2. By October 15 of the preceding fall semester, any student planning to apply JBU financial aid to a study abroad program for the spring semester must notify the International Education Office in writing. The International Programs Committee will allocate the remaining available financial aid funds to eligible students studying abroad in the spring semester.
  3. Award amounts for each individual student will vary based on the overall number of students applying for study abroad, the particular program attended, and the amount of aid for which the student is eligible. In addition, the following factors will affect award amounts: prior participation in semester abroad programs, financial need, hours earned at John Brown University, and Cumulative GPA.

Other Stipulations

  1. Students receiving scholarships or stipends that require on-campus service (such as resident assistants, Student Government Association officers, student publications editors, CAUSE officers, work-study employees and athletes) may not apply their institutional scholarships to study abroad programs.
  2. Students attending JBU under a tuition exchange program from another college cannot carry that exchange to an off-campus program. Students receiving JBU tuition remission may apply up to 50% of their tuition remission to an off-campus program.
  3. Students receiving JBU aid while attending off-campus programs must return to JBU for further study, or must graduate from JBU at the conclusion of the program. If this is not done, the student must repay the amount received from JBU as financial aid for the program.
  4. Students may participate in only one semester study abroad opportunity while earning an undergraduate degree. Students may participate in multiple summer study abroad opportunities.