Dec 08, 2022  
Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022 
Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022 Archived Catalog

ED 4643 Secondary Pedagogy

Three hours (On Campus)
General methods of teaching which build upon Danielson’s Frameworks for Teaching including writing objectives and lesson plans, teaching techniques, models of teaching, learning theories, motivation, classroom management, and differentiated instruction as applied to secondary grades.  A consideration of the secondary school curriculum for applicable content areas, teaching strategies, and utilization of instructional materials.  Reviewing the content area curriculum as it relates to learning and development, differences in learning styles, critical thinking, problem solving and performance skills, active learning and motivation, inquiry collaboration, supportive classroom interaction, reflection, professional growth and professional leadership.  Embedded field experience/field assignments with secondary content experts is required.

Prerequisites: ED 2713  and ED 3153  
Offered on campus Spring semester (odd-numbered years)